Chemistry-Bachelor of Arts Major

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57 Credits 
The Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry is designed for those students who seek a strong background in chemistry, but who anticipate a career in a related area such as health sciences, pharmacology, chemical management, secondary education, chemical information systems, technical publications/ communications, patent law, or environmental technology.

Requirements: Chemistry Core plus:
CH 395 or 495 Cooperative Education 3 cr.

Although an emphasis area is not required, students in the Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry may choose to complete the Chemistry/Business Emphasis.


78 Credits
Bachelor of Arts program requirements plus:
EN 220 Newswriting 
EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics 
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics

+12 additional credits from either the Marketing or the Management sequence.

Marketing Sequence
BU 230 Marketing Principles

9 credits from the following: 
BU 301 Consumer Behavior 
BU 375 Marketing Research 
BU 380 Sales Management
BU 385 Marketing Management 
BU 390 Advertising 
BU 450 International Marketing

Management Sequence: 
CA 232 Management principals
BU 240 Management Principles

6 credits from the following: 
BU 300 Principles of Supervision 
BU 235 Management Information Systems 
BU 341 Human Resources Management 
BU 345 Organizational Behavior 
BU 435 Business and Government 
BU 436 Labor Relations


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