Mental Health & Aging

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This course focuses on the nature and problems of old age, including change and stability associated with the aging process; mental health issues; assessment and treatment of emotional and organic brain disorders in later life and long-term care verses home-care issues. Students will gain knowledge of the issues that are germane to the area of aging and they will consider things they can do today to prevent or prepare for the issues and problems experienced in later life through the development of a plan for successful aging. This plan will include the students integrating the information learned in the course and developing plans not only for themselves but for others, based on a case study approach, in order to simulate a counseling/clinical role. Prerequisite: PY 201. (Program goals 3, 4, 7, 8, 9)


May 22
4:00 AM
Tuesday May 22, 4:00am
E.g., 06/22/18
E.g., 06/22/18