Health Education Dept Courses

Course Credits: 2

This course prepares and certifies individuals in American Red Cross and Water Safety. Content includes primary and advanced swimming skills, stroke refinement and proficiency, basic and...

Course Credits: 3

A lifestyle approach to fitness and wellness emphasizing primary prevention and mind/body relationship. Content focuses on topics of interest to traditional-age students.

Course Credits: 3

A holistic approach to fitness and wellness which emphasizes topics of interest to adult women and men with life experience. Content integrates our physical, psychological, social and spiritual...

Course Credits: 1

Designed to increase cardiovascular efficiency, flexibility, strength and endurance through an individually planned exercise program.

Course Credits: 3

Methods of preventing common athletic injuries, sport-specific conditioning techniques, First Aid, CPR, Safety Education and discussion of blood borne pathogens. American Red Cross and Ohio...

HP:191, 192, 193, 194
Course Credits: 1-3

Course Credits: 3

The stress response and its effects on body organs and systems, consequences of unmanaged stress for personal health and relationships. Examination of a holistic perspective on internal and...

Course Credits: 3

Basic principles of nutrition, stressing components necessary for the maintenance of good health, optimal athletic performance and disease prevention. Prerequisite: HP 110 or 112.

Course Credits: 3

Provides health care students with the theory and practical application for nutritional intervention to prevent disease, promote health and manage health alterations. Prerequisites: BI 206/207...

Course Credits: 3

Development of a foundation of coaching techniques, strategies and organizational skills for coaching.

HP:291, 292, 293, 294
Course Credits: 1-3

Course Credits: 3

A holistic health and psychosocial perspective on understanding sexuality as a composite of one’s total being. Topics include physiology and health of the reproductive system; sexual...

Course Credits: 3

Study of the science of exercise and its sub disciplines of exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, motor learning and nutrition and health fitness. Students will learn techniques...

Course Credits: 3

The contributions of the discipline of psychology to the promotion and maintenance of health related issues. Topics include the biopsychosocial view of health, pain management, stress management...

Course Credits: 3

Study of the scientific basis of human movement. Structure and analysis of muscular-skeletal systems and dynamics of movement. Application to individual fitness programs, lifetime physical...

Course Credits: 3

An exploration of the psychology and philosophy of the coaching experience and the player/coach relationship. Topics include: team and player motivation and leadership, communication, goal...

HP:391, 392, 393
Course Credits: 1-3
Course Credits: 1-3

Supervised coaching experience in a school or recreational setting.