Community/Populations Nursing Practice

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Didactic, clinical with 3 class hours/week and 90 hours clinical/semester. Introduces concepts and strategies to promote culturally sensitive care for communities and populations. Diversity and culture are examined in relation to social systems and patterns of interconnected relationships. Epidemiological concepts are integrated throughout. Examines the role of the nurse in caring for communities/ populations. Emergency preparedness and bioterrorism are introduced. Collaboration and coordination with community members and agencies is emphasized. Fulfills General Education Cross-Cultural requirement. Prerequisites: NR 330, NR 340 and NR 410 (or concurrent) for students enrolled in the BSN Pre- Licensure Track. NR 300 (or concurrent) for students enrolled in the RN to BSN Track. See comment about clinical requirement for RN-BSN student (*).


March 22
3:30 PM
Wednesday March 22, 3:30pm
Keller Center: Murphy Gymnasium
E.g., 03/22/17
E.g., 03/22/17