Business Administration Dept Faculty

Adjunct Faculty / Director of NDC Virtual Bookstore
  • B.A. Notre Dame College
Phone: 216.373.5179
E-mail: kbutterfield@ndc.edu
scrandall's picture
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Admin. Bldg., Room 448
  • M.A. Case Western Reserve University
  • B.A. Cleveland State University
Phone: 216.373.5321
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: scrandall@ndc.edu
efairchild's picture
Assistant Professor of Management/Information Systems
Admin. Bldg., Room 441
  • B.A., M.B.A. Baldwin-Wallace College
Phone: 216.373.6379
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: efairchild@ndc.edu
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Rm. 444 Admin. Bldg
  • M.B.A. Case Western Reserve University
  • B.A. College of Wooster
Phone: 216.373.5428
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: mgibson@ndc.edu
sgrassman's picture
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Admin. Bldg., Room 455
  • M.B.A. Kent State University
  • B.A. Hiram College
Phone: 216.373.5333
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: sgrassman@ndc.edu
shotchkiss's picture
Associate Professor of International Business
Admin. Bldg., Room 433
  • Advanced Studies Economics: The New School University
  • M.B.A. Cleveland State University
  • B.A. Bates College
  • B.F.T. Thunderbird School of International Management
Phone: 216.373.6382
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: shotchkiss@ndc.edu
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Regina Hall, Rm. 223
  • M.B.A., M.P.O.D. Case Western Reserve University
  • M.L.R.H.R. Cleveland State University
  • B.S. The Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Phone: 440.503.3126
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: wleamon@ndc.edu
Business Administration Division Chair /Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Regina Hall, Rm. 230
  • D.B.A., Walden University
  • M.B.A., B.S. Myers University
Phone: 216.373.6476
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: vpalombo@ndc.edu
Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Admin. Bldg., Room 430
  • M.B.A., B.A. University of Findlay
Phone: 216.373.5190
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: jprzybys@ndc.edu
Chief Information Officer
Admn. Bldg. 1st Floor
  • M.B.A. Harvard University
  • B.I.E. General Motors Institute
Phone: 216.373.5347
E-mail: dsheren@ndc.edu
nstrouse's picture
Associate Professor of Accounting
Admin. Bldg., Room 432
  • M.B.A., B.B.A. Cleveland State University
  • Certified Public Accountant, State of Ohio
  • Fulbright Scholar 2006-07
Phone: 216.373.5298
Fax: 216.381.3802
E-mail: nstrouse@ndc.edu