Music Courses

MA:191, 192
Course Credits: 1-3
MU:103, 104
Course Credits: 3

Fundamentals of music theory, ear training, sight singing, form and analysis, and written keyboard harmony.

MU:105, 205
Course Credits: 1

Vocal and/or instrumental groups rehearsing weekly and performing at least once a semester.

Course Credits: 1.5

Vocal and/or instrumental groups rehearsing weekly and performing at least once per semester. In addition, the student will write a research paper. Must be taken two times to fulfill fine arts...

Course Credits: 3

A historical overview of the role and function of music in western civilization. Emphasis on listening. Field trips to hear live concerts are part of the course content. Ability to read music is...

MU:191, 192, 193, 194
Course Credits: 1-3
MU:195, 196
Course Credits: 1-3

Private lessons available in piano, voice or instruments, for credit or non-credit. Credit amounts arranged and granted on the basis of an evaluated performance at the end of the semester. Other...

MU:211, 212
Course Credits: 3

Survey of the development of Western music from ancient to modern times, with emphasis on listening skills.

Course Credits: 3

A development and an understanding of jazz as a uniquely American art form through listening to recorded and live performances. Emphasis on aural perception.

Course Credits: 3

An exploration of various contemporary musical styles and forms as they are traced back to their historical (“classical”) roots. Attendance at live concerts, including one off-campus...

Course Credits: 3

A survey of music and visual art forms from the perspective of basic elements such as line, harmony, texture, timbre and form. Includes the development of artistic styles in music and art...

MU:391, 392, 393, 394
Course Credits: 1-3
MU:395, 396
Course Credits: 1-3