Fine Arts Minor

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18 Credits
Art History Requirements – 6 Credits from:

AR 311 Art History I: Ancient to Medieval
AR 312 Art History II: Renaissance to Modern
AR 313 Women Artists: Historical Survey
AR 314 Impressionism to Today
AR 316 American Art
PH 360 Philosophy of Art

Studio Art Requirements – 6 Credits from:
AR 101 Drawing I
AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design
AR 209 Photography I
AR 221 Basic Design
AR 280 Art Appreciation: A Studio Approach
AR 222 Color and Design
AR 223 Graphic Design I
AR 325 Printmaking I
AR 341 Painting I
AR 371 Three Dimensional Design
AR 377 Ceramics I

Music Requirements – 6 Credits from:
MU 160 Music Appreciation
MU 211 Music History I
MU 212 Music History II
MU 213 Jazz Appreciation
MU 214 Music Now and Then
MU 320 Music and Art: Historical Survey


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