Notre Dame Today - Winter 2005-2006

Notre Dame Today - Winter 2005-2006

In the poem “Quinnie,” alumna Rita Brady Kiefer ’53 celebrates the memory of Dr. Frances Quinlivan and the profound influence she had in shaping her students’ minds. The imagery of the poem paints a picture of students studying, learning and being challenged against the backdrop of “that Gothic campus.” She ends the poem with an almost wistful remembrance of a simple truth passed on by Dr. Quinlivan: “Know the genuine.”

For Frances Quinlivan

Still her voice dangling late afternoon lines of
Shakespeare    even the tired oaks lightened
at words fine as gold filigree against her
autumn tweeds, cashmere easy on her shoulders.

In Webster’s New World Dictionary, one definition of presence is “impressive bearing, personality, etc., characterized by poise, confidence, etc.” For anyone who knew the long-time Notre Dame College English teacher, Dr. Frances M. Quinlivan exemplified presence. Under her reserved exterior, she was insatiably curious, relentlessly logical, devoted to her causes, and indomitable. The dedication of the Quinlivan Circle in her memory highlights her continuing influence on her students and the college she served for 45 years.

On some other campus, a classroom space like Notre Dame College’s new science lecture room would appear very average and unlikely draw a second look. However for a small college like Notre Dame, a classroom for 40 students is unusual.

Carrara marble statues of Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Joseph have watched over the students and campus of Notre Dame College for over 50 years. From their pedestals facing the Administration Building, weathering Northern Ohio winters and damp summers, they had accumulated pollutants, mildew and just plain dirt. With the installation of the Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle came the opportunity to erase the years of wear.

After many years of planning, the Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle, constructed of brick honoring Alumni, Friends, and the Notre Dame College community, was completed and dedicated on Sunday, October 16, 2005.

Admiring the new Legacy Walkway and Quinlivan Circle, one would not imagine what lies below. The new brick and cement spokes around the College’s front lawn focal point were carefully designed for longevity. Physical Plant Director Tom Meeks explained the system of heating conduit that loops around under the length of the walkways. According to Meeks, “The system will actually extend the life of the walkways by eliminating the need for chemicals to melt the snow. We won’t have to shovel or plow, which should realize a real savings on labor, equipment and lawn repair in the spring.” The ice-free paths should also make the walk across the lawn much safer.

By the end of August 2005, the construction in Providence Hall was complete. Building crews gave way to college students as the first residents of the new Garden Level moved into their rooms to begin a new era at Notre Dame College.

Those returning to the Clara Fritzsche Library this past fall were met with a pleasant surprise. Renovations, beginning with the construction of the Smart Classroom, culminated with a complete remodeling of the second floor of the facility including new carpeting, ceiling and lighting and a new coat of paint. All of the shelves holding the library’s print periodicals collection were repainted and realigned. The wide aisles now give an airy, spacious appearance with plenty of natural light and views of the beautiful Notre Dame campus from every window. Clerestory windows at the top of newly constructed interior walls also contribute to the feeling of openness. A new floor to ceiling wall map provides a local point on the east wall of the map and atlas area. At the top of the stairs, a new lounge area with comfortable seating is proving to be a popular place for students to congregate.

The goal of the Smart Classroom is to increase the campus-wide instructional technology capacity of Notre Dame College by creating a space where both students and faculty have access to the computer and multimedia technology.

Notre Dame’s new coffee lounge, the Falcon Cafe, opened in October on the first floor of the Clara Fritzsche Library. It is operated by Normandy Catering, the same company that services the College’s dining facilities.

Among the growing pains Notre Dame College experienced in the 2004-2005 academic year, few were as frustrating as the parking situation. Even with college administrators taking steps that included having members of the Notre Dame staff park at Regina High School, it was evident that increasing parking capacity was an important priority.

Notre Dame magnified its presence on South Green Road with a connecting driveway, complete with sidewalk, linking the College to the thoroughfare.

We are enhancing this peaceful space with landscaping that includes commemorative benches and trees. You or your class can dedicate one of these items with naming opportunities existing at the following levels: