See What Notre Dame Has to Offer

Notre Dame College is on its way of becoming one of the finest colleges in the Great Lakes region. Already a Cleveland success story, Notre Dame is a destination choice college for students who strive to reach their full potential and flourish as individuals.

A Notre Dame College education has a signature of excellence, compassion and caring, and is personalized to individual students’ needs. That personal touch is evident in the daily interactions between students and faculty. 

“What surprised me most about Notre Dame College was how close I got to everyone so soon,” student Allyson George says. “We all know each other, we’re all a big family here.”

Anchored in the liberal arts, Notre Dame strives to prepare students for the professional world.

“At Notre Dame, they really prepare you for the next step, the next level, be that graduate school or a full-time position,” student Kevin McGarry says.

“I don’t think that going to a small college in any way inhibits you,” graduate Philly Meluch ‘09 says. “You’re going to make the experience your own and do a lot more than you could at a larger institution.”

At Notre Dame, we believe you have something to contribute to the world. We help you figure out what that is so that you can make a positive difference.

“Notre Dame College helps you grow as a person, and I think that’s what makes Notre Dame College unique,” student Anshawn Ivery says. “Step foot on these 48 acres and you’ll see something that’s different, that you won’t see anywhere else.”

One of the College’s unique programs is the Academic Support Center for Students with Learning Differences. The ASC goes above and beyond services required by law to help its students succeed in and outside the classroom. Its services include tutoring, adaptive equipment, workshops, academic advising and career counseling.

“Notre Dame College, the Academic Support Center and the nursing program really helped me gain my confidence,” graduate Tricia Balicky ’10 says. “I always knew I wanted to be a nurse, but after going through this program I learned that my dream is now becoming a reality.”

“The one thing about the Academic Support Center that most people don’t see is that it is more than just a place for students with learning differences,” student David Chadowski says. “It’s a family that all of us share together. We all have a purpose and we all have a goal. The goal is to succeed like anyone else.”

The Academic Support Center, Notre Dame’s curriculum and its commitment to individual growth are education at its finest. Come experience it yourself!


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