Seniors Capture Phoenix Atmosphere

Notre Dame College seniors Aurelia Nuber and Dominic Schiavoni are currently exhibiting a series of photos of 16 Phoenix Coffee Shop patrons at its South Euclid location at Mayfield and Green roads.

The photographers said they wanted to illustrate the tranquil and down-to-earth atmosphere of the coffee shop as it draws people of all ages.

“We wanted to capture and illustrate the diversity of folks who walk through the doors of Phoenix by asking everyday customers who they were and where they were taking their coffee,” Nuber and Schiavoni wrote in their artists’ statement. “The question of ‘Where does the coffee go?’ became intriguing. It is evident in our photographs the type of environment Phoenix Coffee provides for the people of South Euclid through the energy and expressions present.” 

Nuber and Schiavoni are both studying studio art and psychology in hopes of continuing their education in art therapy at the graduate level. Their similar choice of a career path brought them together when they needed an emphasis in studio art. They both took Photography III and were asked to collaborate with Phoenix Coffee for the exhibition.

They are currently also working on independent projects, which involve revealing different perspectives of human form and emotion. Schiavoni is attempting to capture the spirit and significance behind the art of boxing, while Nuber is taking a series of photographs exemplifying the boundaries of body art. 

“We have to thank the customers of Phoenix for not only furthering our experience, but demonstrating the positive energy that still exists in a world of constant chaos and never-ending stress,” the photographers wrote in their statement. “We feel that the Phoenix project turned out to be a great success and we are proud to have been a part of it.”

"Clair" by Dominic Schiavoni "Joy" by Aurelia Nuber
"Clair" by Dominic Schiavoni "Joy" by Aurelia Nuber


June 19
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E.g., 06/19/18