Mission Drives 2010 Medal Recipients

More than 200 friends and supporters of Notre Dame College gathered at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, on June 12 to celebrate the 2010 recipients of the Notre Dame College Medal – Anthony C. and Donna Kelly Rego. The couple received the College’s highest honor for its steadfast commitment to philanthropy and community service in Greater Cleveland.

Anthony C. and Donna Kelly Rego are the 2010 Notre Dame College Medal recipients.“In their personal life, they exhibit the highest standards of personal integrity,” said Dr. Andrew P. Roth, Notre Dame’s president. “In their professional life they exhibit both great achievement and the highest standards of ethical behavior; and they are globally responsible in their commitment to their family, to their community, to the region and to the world community.”

Explaining that the College’s mission is remarkably similar to that of the Regos, Dr. Roth said they “are simply good people who want to serve their God by serving their community.”

The medal is awarded to an alumnus, friend of the College or civic leader in the Greater Cleveland community who exemplifies the values of Notre Dame College. The recipients must demonstrate personal, professional and global responsibility through their community service.

Guests at the third annual Medal Dinner were introduced to the Regos’ service in a 13-minute-long video in which administrators at the Cleveland Foodbank, the MetroHealth System and St. Martin de Porres High School talked about the impact the Regos had on their institutions.

“The Foodbank literally would not be where it is today, or really anything, without the involvement of Donna and Anthony Rego,” said Anne Goodman, CEO of the Cleveland Foodbank. “There aren’t enough words [to describe] how wonderful Donna and Anthony Rego are with respect to the Cleveland Foodbank.”

Under Mr. Rego’s leadership, Giant Eagle has donated millions of pounds of food to the Cleveland Foodbank. Once or twice a week, a truckload full of food from the grocery store chain arrives at the Foodbank.

“Giant Eagle is literally a cornerstone of our food donations,” Goodman said.

“We work for organizations that are really fine organizations that help people that are mission driven,” said Anthony Rego, who serves as the Foodbank’s vice chair of the board of trustees.

Another of these organizations is MetroHealth, which is committed to providing high quality health care regardless of patients’ ability to pay.

“You can’t be at Metro for 24 hours without being magnetized by the mission,” said Donna Rego, who is a member of MetroHealth’s board of trustees and served as board chair from 1991 to 2007. “It’s an incredible mission that is transformative for this community, but it is also transformative for all the people who are part of it.”

MetroHealth CEO Mark Moran said Mrs. Rego is always thinking about the less fortunate. “It’s spiritually based,” he said. “She’s motivated by all the right things. She is a real role model.”

The Regos are also role models for the students at St. Martin de Porres. When they first heard about the high school’s innovative curriculum rooted in development of both mind and spirit, they told school founder Rich Clark they wanted to get involved.

“I was really in a sense mystified. I didn’t know what it was about,” Clark said. “They came to the school and I saw them talk to the kids and they really fell in love with the kids.”

Clark said the Regos have been deeply involved in the students’ lives, taking them out to lunch and putting together goodie baskets for graduates going off to college.   

Donna Rego thanked Notre Dame College for highlighting the Foodbank, MetroHealth and St. Martin de Porres at the Medal Dinner. The College had prepared a backpack filled with educational equipment for a senior at St. Martin de Porres, a pampered nurse’s basket for the nurses at MetroHealth, and a 258-pound food basket for the Foodbank.

“Notre Dame is just like these institutions are – mission driven, educating students not just for success, but educating students to make a difference in the community,” Mrs. Rego said, “educating students who are going to be able to leave college and then take up the responsibility of community leadership, of philanthropy, of service.”

By Christian Taske '07, editor and writer at Notre Dame College. 


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