Ultimate Questions - Sacred Texts Panel

Thursday, March 30, 2017 4:30pm
Great Room, 3rd floor of Adminstration Building
Notre Dame College 4545 College Road
44121 South Euclid , OH

Thursdays: March 16, March 30, and April 6

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  • Rabbi Susan Stone
    The Torah

  • Father Thomas Chillikulam, SJ
    The Gospels

  • Murat Gurer/Salma Ahmed
    The Qur’an

Who is God…. Does God care for us as individuals…Why do bad things happen to good people…..What
is prayer…. Is there an afterlife….Why do people pray….What is the meaning of my life….Who made
the world….What is the place of women in your tradition….Is God forgiving….Are we responsible only
for ourselves or for others, too…How do I find happiness, peace, hope….What does it mean to be wise.


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June 19
11:30 AM
Tuesday June 19, 11:30am
Christ the King Chapel, 3rd Floor Admin Bldg.
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E.g., 06/19/18