College Receives $500,000 for Buildings, Construction

Notre Dame College has received a $500,000 donation to support its general building and construction initiatives. This is the second gift commitment of half a million dollars the College has received in the past two months.

Speaking anonymously, the donor stated, “We are greatly impressed with the College’s strategic plan and with the growth and direction this plan sets forth for the College. We are further impressed with the fact that Notre Dame College has reached out to the Greater Cleveland community to provide secondary educational opportunities for diverse students from all backgrounds. We commend these efforts and recognize the good work that Notre Dame does for its students and the community.”

Notre Dame College President Andrew P. Roth, Ph.D., noted the donation matches the largest non-bequest gift in the South Euclid College’s 90-year history. The College received $500,000 just two months ago in support of its nursing program.

“Notre Dame College continues its 90-year commitment to academic excellence and personal attention to all students in a warm, familial and nurturing environment. We are grateful that our passion for quality higher education is being recognized by generous people who, like us, know the importance of values-based, smaller, private schools such as ours,” said Dr. Roth.

“For these donors to make this transformative gift reinforces our belief that we are doing the right things in support of the students and families we serve. We sincerely thank them for their generosity and their confidence in our College.”

About Notre Dame College

Founded in 1922 by the Sisters of Notre Dame, the College today educates a diverse population of students for personal, professional and global responsibility in a variety of fields. 

Notre Dame College has sustained record enrollment in each of the last eight years and is one of the fastest growing colleges in the nation in its Carnegie classification. From 878 students in 2001 to 2,250 today, the College has grown by 240 percent over the decade. Students come from 20 different states and a dozen different countries, and one-fourth are minority students, making Notre Dame one of the most diverse colleges in Ohio.

Notre Dame is an opportunity college that provides a private, values-based, Catholic education in the liberal arts to students who might otherwise not have access to such an experience. More than half of the students are the first in their families to go to college and nearly half are not Catholic.

Notre Dame has been a significant incubator of new jobs at a time when other businesses have been compelled to reduce staff and now has more than 250 employees.

Notre Dame College is located at 4545 College Road in South Euclid. For further information contact Brian Johnston, chief communications officer, at 216.373.5252 or


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