Notre Dame College to Add Performing Arts Minor, Consolidates Operations of Band, Choir and Theatre

Notre Dame College will offer a performing arts minor beginning in the fall semester 2014.

The new program, which involves band, choir and theater programs, has been approved by the Faculty Senate and further strengthens the relationship between Academic and Student Affairs and adding to the positive overall college experience for the students involved.

The College also has recently consolidated the operational functions of its band, choir and theatre departments under an umbrella entity, Performing Arts Programs, with William Neater, Ed.D., director. Individual responsibilities for theatre will remain under director Jacqi Loewy, M.A., Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre; choir under director Sr. Karita Ivancic, SND, D.Min., Assistant Professor of Music/Theology; and band under Neater, Director of Performing Arts Programs.

To support student recruitment, Brandy Viol has been transferred from Traditional Admissions to Performing Arts where she is now Assistant Director of Enrollment for the Performing Arts. Mike Perry has assumed Brandy’s responsibilities in the admissions office as an Admissions Counselor.

Working with the Admissions Office, the primary responsibility for recruiting students into the three programs (band, theatre and choir), is Neater’s, in collaboration with the other directors who remain an integral part in building each individual department. The work being done to streamline recruitment will connect the directors of the band, choir, and theatre more closely with their incoming and existing students.

The transition to a centralized structure for the related performing arts disciplines will benefit campus culture, enhance the student life experience in a number of ways and increase the opportunities for collaborations with the College and the community.


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