ASC Receives Surprise Donation, Grant

ASC Receives Surprise Donation, Grant

Notre Dame College’s Academic Support Center received an unexpected Christmas gift a couple of weeks ago. A parent donated $17,500 to the ASC in appreciation of its work with students with learning differences. In addition, the Center also received a $5,000 grant.

Gretchen Walsh, director of the Academic Support Center, said the ASC will use some of the money for its expansion as it plans to move from the library building to the Regina Complex.

The donor wished to remain anonymous but said he gave because the ASC continues to “adapt to an ever-changing world in ways that will benefit the students for their whole adult lives. As parents of a son at Notre Dame College, I can tell you that we know of no finer institution in the country.”  

The work of the Academic Support Center has also been recognized by WKYC and the Gannett Foundation, which gave a $5,000 grant for the ASC expansion project.

“The work you do in our community continues to make Cleveland and the surrounding areas a better place to live,” Brooke Spectorsky, president and general manager of WKYC, said.

Walsh said she was grateful for the parent and community financial support, as well as the national recognition the ASC has received for its programming lately.

Last fall, Walsh presented on “LD Concerns for the College Bound” at the CHADD Conference for children and adults with ADHD in Orlando, Fla. She will also speak about the ASC’s career services component at the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America's symposium in Chicago in February. That month she will also speak at the State of Ohio Transition Expo in Independence. In March, she will be present at John Carroll University on “Transitioning Students with Learning Differences form High School into College.”

Walsh has been the director of the Academic Support Center since its inception in 2005. The Center’s mission is to provide quality educational opportunities and support services above and beyond those required by law to individuals with documented learning disabilities, who are traditionally under-served in post secondary education.

The services provided by the ASC are structured and comprehensive, thus enabling a student with a documented learning disability to succeed in college.

The Academic Support Center currently serves over 100 students and receives inquiries for support on a daily basis. To meet the growing demand for these services, the ASC has been encompassed within a comprehensive capital expansion plan for the College's recently acquired Regina Complex.

To find out how you can make a lasting contribution to the students of tomorrow, contact ASC Director Gretchen Walsh (216.373.5185, gwalsh@ndc.edu) or Vice President of Development David Armstrong (216.373.5214, darmstrong@ndc.edu).

For more information on the Academic Support Center, visit www.notredamecollege.edu/resources-and-services/academic-support-center.