The Clara Fritzsche Library

110 Brush Students Get Taste of Research, College Life at NDC

Notre Dame College’s Clara Fritzsche Library will be bustling with activity when more than 110 Brush High School students visit on Feb. 1 and 2 to use the library’s resources for a class project. 

The students will visit the library with Brush High School Librarian Lisa Hubler and English teachers Sally Fine and Tom Bennett to develop a multiple intelligences portfolio for their Modern Literature class. For the project, the students choose a piece of visual art, such as a painting, sculpture or collage, and build a portfolio based on that art piece.

Each student must write a research paper about the artist, write an original poem and short story inspired by the work, create a piece of art reflecting the artist or the medium used by the artist, and choose a piece of music that reflects the tone of the chosen artwork to accompany an oral multimedia presentation.

In the past, Brush has used the Cleveland State University Library for this assignment but decided to schedule the visit with the Clara Fritzsche Library due to its proximity to the high school and to establish a collaborative relationship with the College. In addition, Notre Dame’s library has an extensive visual art collection of books and periodicals, making it ideally suited for the assignment.

Approximately 55 students will visit on each of the two days. Their morning will start with a short presentation about the College and a talk on “Careers in Art” by members of Notre Dame’s art faculty. The students will then proceed to the Clara Fritzsche Library, where they will take a tour and listen to a presentation about research in an academic library by Library Director Karen Zoller.

After a complimentary lunch in the College cafeteria, the group will split up, with one half taking a tour of the campus while the other works on library research and vice versa. The students will depart at 2 p.m., hopefully with a better understanding of the research and study skills expected at the college level and a lasting impression of Notre Dame College.

Notre Dame College is located at 4545 College Road in South Euclid. For further information contact Karen Zoller, director of the Clara Fritzsche Library, at 216.373.5267 or kzoller@ndc.edu.