Alumna Leaves Legacy with Gift

Notre Dame College alumna Angela Schiebel was born in 1918, at a time when women did not have the right to vote and when most women didn’t have a chance to go to college. She worked hard to defy the odds early in life, becoming class president at Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio, as a freshman and holding that title all four years of high school. After she graduated, Schiebel continued her education at Notre Dame, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in 1940.

Angela Schiebel '40Schiebel was not one who liked to be tied down to anything; in fact, she was engaged several times but never chose to marry. She told friends she “was always looking for her next adventure.”

She worked up the ladder in the area of sales promotion for six years with Rhodes department store, then decided to take a year off to travel throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. In late 1969, she took a director-level job with Brocks – which later became Gottschalks – and stayed there for 18 years.

Angela Schiebel passed away on Dec. 22, 2009, at the age of 91. She died peacefully in her chair while reading a book, presumably dreaming about her next adventure.

Schiebel left a sizable portion of her estate to Notre Dame. All told, her contributions to her alma mater add up to more than $400,000. In recognition of these gifts, the College will designate the entrance of its new alumni center the “Angela Schiebel Lobby.”

“While I knew Angela only during her last quarter century, I firmly believe that her years at Notre Dame College helped shape her into an extremely memorable individual,” Schiebel’s close friend, Jay Ericcson, said. “Having graduated high school from Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Angela carried a special place in her heart for Notre Dame, especially her college.”

Schiebel relished living by herself and didn’t leave any known relatives, but many people in Bakersfield, Calif., were glad to be her surrogate family, Ericcson said. “Because of Angela’s feisty personality, she lived a long and diverse life. Hopefully her memory will flourish at her alma mater.”

Helen Weiand, Angela Schiebel, Margaret Hug and Marguerite Hansen.Notre Dame College is working on an “Alumni Center Campaign” to raise $1 million for a designated space where alumni can network with each other and share their time and talents with our students. The alumni center will also provide a home for alumni gatherings on campus, as well as a dedicated area to recognize alumni achievements.

Angela Schiebel was a member of the Notre Dame College Marian Legacy Society, which was founded in 1996 to recognize those who are committed to providing future generations with a values-based education at Notre Dame. By choosing planned giving options, such as will commitments and bequests, members of the Marian Legacy Society affirm their support of the mission of Notre Dame College and the Sisters of Notre Dame.

To learn more about joining the Marian Legacy Society, please contact Al DiFranco, director of donor relations, at 216.373.5234 or


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